Lyrita Audio
The Art Of Listening

Music communicates through its emotions.
We react to it almost instinctively -
the rhythms awaken us to dance,
soaring harmony makes our spirit soar in turn,
melody brings enjoyment and relaxation.

All it takes is to listen!

In reproduced music, it is very important that
all these feelings be conveyed to you, the listener.
You should experience all that the
musicians have put into their music -
the melody, the rhythmic drive, the interplay.
These are preserved in the nuances in the music,
in the subtle shadings, in the dynamics of the
soft and loud passages, in the ability to discern
the playing of each member of the group.

It is easy to lose these details in the
reproduction chain. Only when the audio
system accurately reproduces the
recorded message, does it deserve the term
high fidelity.